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Hide and Peak

The unfolding Hide and Peak pavillion offers shelter for the fishermen visiting the lake. The structure was inspired by a single spiraling stripe of paper, curling into itself and burrowing into the ground just to break through again to create a pier on the water surface.

Project info

Year: 2015
Location: Trnavá Hora
Tutors: Adam R. Markowitz, Tobias Permin
Participants: Mo Liu, Ernest Marko, Jozef Eduard Masarik, Gabi Mészáros, Matúš Novanský
Concept and production: WOVEN
Guest Critics: Kristína Rypáková
Local Partner: Park pod Borovicou (https://www.podborovicou.sk/)
Partners: Nadácia Tatra banky
Photos: WOVEN archive

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