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The first idea of a collaborative collective was born back in 2010 while still studying together at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, but it gained a more substantial form after we each graduated. Since 2014, WOVEN as a platform of four architects (Anna Cséfalvay, Marianna Maczová, Veronika Michalíková and Danica Pišteková) and as a non-profit organization has primarily focused on small-scale projects such as public space interventions, urban furniture, exhibition systems, and educational events. Our interventions are often a playful layering of ideas that create micro-environments and invite users to participate in defining the use and understanding of the space. We like to think beyond the brief and conceptualize and reframe our relationship to spaces and how we use them. We see public space interventions as more than benches and stages and strive to find new ways to engage people and encourage discovery. 

“As we weave our threads through the fabric of architecture,
we create a tapestry of community, space, and thought.”

With our approach, we are able to be involved in all stages of the project with a better understanding of materials and construction processes. This allows us to shape the environment haptically and approach architecture, communities, landscape, and layers that existed before us in a more active way. The result is not finished static objects but rather playful, open, flexible, or adaptable systems, frames, and grids. We turn deficiencies into a method, creating objects that are open to interpretation and interaction and become lively places that change easily based on context and usage.

Prices & Nominations

2020 BIG SEE Wood Design – Winner, project Rampolína, result of [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 7
2020 CE.ZA.AR (Slovak prize for architecture), Nomination in phenomenon category, project Forest Sauna
2019 CE.ZA.AR (Slovak prize for architecture), Nomination in exterior category, project Nailith, result of [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 6
2018 CE.ZA.AR (Slovak prize for architecture), Nomination in exterior category, project SUPERGOLA, result of [1:1 ] WORKSHOP, volume 5
2017 CE.ZA.AR (Slovak prize for architecture), Nomination in exterior category, project UWO, result of [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 4
2017 Nomination for Dušan Jurkovič Award (architectural award), project UWO, result of [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 4
2017 competition Třetí prostor, Zlín (CZ), project “Já-my” was one of the four winning projects
2016 Nomination for prize of magazine ARCH, project UWO result of [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 4
2016 Cultural Act of 2016 in Piešťany (SVK), [1:1] WORKSHOP, volume 4


10. 2021Veci Verejné, Galéria Vonku,
Partizánske (SVK)
03. 2018Fakulty of Architecture, STU, Bratislava (SVK), [1:1] WORKSHOP 2013-2017
02. 2018Wood Salon, exhibition + catalog, Praha (CZ), Bratislava (SVK)
10. 2017Exhibition of photographs from [1:1] WORKSHOP, Foajé, Bratislava (SVK)