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The very first edition of the [1:1] WORKSHOP. Experimental in many aspects – the start of a learning curve. The design was influenced by the site – we respected and utilized the locations of the trees and the sloping terrain. The platforms are carefully hugging the trees and floating above the descending landscape, thanks to the recycled concrete slab hidden under the cladding.

Project info

Year: 2013
Location: Trnavá Hora
Tutors: Ransu Helenius, Martin Varga
Participants: Dominika Belanská, Maroš Greš, Laura Maasry, Marianna Maczová, Anna Dami Panjwani, Danica Pišteková, Lucia Šupolovová, Peter Trnka, Veronika Trnovská, Nora Žalúdeková
Concept and production: WOVEN
Guest Critics: N/A architekti (Benjamín Bradňanský, Vít Halada)
Local Partner: Park pod Borovicou (https://www.podborovicou.sk/)
Partners: O2 Think Big
Photos: WOVEN archive

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