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Lakeside sitting steps

The layers of the timber-cladded sitting steps are designed to seemingly float above the lake surface, offering an easy approach and a peaceful space to observe the surrounding nature. Commissioned by the local municipality, WOVEN developed a site-specific design that respects the habits of the local fauna, as well as taking inspiration from the behaviour of hikers in the area, the lake being a favourite resting location for many. The interleaved strands of wooden platforms encourage access and offer seating on a variety of levels.
(alt/ The environment of the ponds at Železná Studnička is exceptional due to its unique combination of green and blue infrastructure. To enhance the experience in such a setting, elements of small-scale architecture are being created, capable of providing shelter to visitors, offering views, and connecting them with the water surface and the life of fish, turtles, and frogs. The stay steps on the shore of the IVth pond naturally complement the character and terrain of the landscape. The main visual element consists of massive wooden planks, cascadingly placed on a dark steel structure mounted on metal screws. The project is part of the Program for the Revitalization of Public Spaces in Bratislava – Living Places, which aims to modernize and improve long-neglected public spaces in the city).

Project info

Year: 2022
Location: Železná studnička, Bratislava
Client: Mestské lesy Bratislava
Construction by: Yard Steel, Mestské lesy Bratislava
Images by: Katarína Janíčková

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