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Archipelago is a pop-up pavilion designed to be easily transformed to meet the changing needs of the urban festival [fjúžn], who’s primary focus is reflecting on migration in Slovakia and the integration of foreigners and new minorities.

The circular construction is creating a subtle definition of space but its radially distributed columns establish an openness in all directions, inviting passers-by to enter and engage with the pavilion. The additional textile and steel elements enable a variety of use and spatial distribution and so this open pavilion at times can accommodate an exhibition, a gig, a panel discussion, a performance, to just name a few.

Project info

Year: 2020-2021
Location: Primaciálne námestie a Tyršovo nábrežie, Bratislava, SK
Collaborators: Festival [fjúžn] and Sensorium
Construction by: Dionýz Troskó, Woodmaster
Partners: Z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia a Nadácia mesta Bratislavy, Woodmaster and others
Images by: Festival [fjúžn], Katarína Janíčková

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